Friday, 15 March 2019

Pysanka Power Podcast - Episode 2

Last week we announced the debut of my Pysanka Power Podcast, launched in collaboration with Nash Holos Ukrainian Roots Radio! It caused a lot of buzzzzz  . . .

Listen to Episode 2 on Nash Holos Ukrainian Roots Radio tomorrow, March 16 (Vancouver), and on Wednesday, March 13 (Nanaimo). It will also air on the internationally syndicated edition which broadcasts to 20 countries around the world on AM, FM, shortwave and satellite radio.

Soon you’ll be able to listen to all the Episodes of my Pysanka Power Podcast on your favourite platform.
If you miss the broadcast, you can catch the podcast of the show at the Nash Holos website As well you can get the audio archives and Transcript of the Pysanka Power Podcast at my website
The first six episodes will cover the history, legends, and symbols of these precious artifacts. On the practical side, with teaching experience and conducting workshops since 1991, I’ve got more than enough information on tools and techniques, hints, tips and do it yourself projects to tell you about.
Last week, in Episode 1, we told you about the origins of this podcast. Tomorrow, in Episode 2, we’ll tell you about the origins of pysanky and stories told about them. You may want to curl up on your couch and listen to them.
In future episodes I’ll tell you about everything from technique to history and symbolism, share more stories, legends and fun activities, and provide you with resources to help you explore on your own.
Select this link to go to our website to access the Pysanka Power Podcast. I’ll also post the transcripts there for those who would like to follow along.
And don’t forget, the first six episodes of the Pysanka Power Podcast will be broadcast on Nash Holos Ukrainian Roots Radio, from its debut on March 9 until Easter. Tune in Saturdays at 6pm on AM1320 CHMB or stream online at, and Wednesdays at 11am on CHLY 101.7FM in Nanaimo or online at    
I hope you’ll check out my Pysanka Power Podcast either on Nash Holos or via my website. If you do, I’d love to get your feedback. Please comment below with your impressions, questions, and suggestions for future episodes.
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