Saturday, 31 December 2011

More Than 25 Reasons Why You Should Write Pysanky!

It's the eve of a new year, and the impetus to reflect on 2011 is all around me.  Looking back not only on the past year, but also on the past 50 years, I consider all the things that pysanky have meant to me.  It makes me think about my grandmother and mother.  I remember my old friends for whom I made and gave pysanky as gifts.  I am grateful for my new friends who augment my collection.  I think about my grandparents who were Canadian pioneers and am thankful for my upbringing in a family that inspired me to be a pioneer on the world wide web.  I am rewarded with the reaction I get from people at my demonstrations and workshops.  My heart fills when children discover the magic they can do with eggs, beeswax and dyes.  My legacy is the writing and publishing of a children's activity book dedicated to my own child and I am proud of receiving a mark of distinction from the Library of Congress for my bibliography.  And, most recently, my foray into filming video clips has presented me with another experience.  I am astonished at the number of words that appear in my journal. These words describe why I love pysanky!
  1. relaxing
  2. therapeutic
  3. intricate
  4. creative
  5. inspirational
  6. energizing
  7. fascinating
  8. inheritance
  9. heritage
  10. custom
  11. tradition
  12. Easter
  13. Spring
  14. fun
  15. affordable
  16. artistic
  17. sensory
  18. unique
  19. spiritual
  20. talismanic
  21. symbolic
  22. colorful
  23. rhythmic
  24. calming
  25. rewarding
  26. pattern
I would love to hear what pysanky mean to you.  Comment with your own experience.

Happy New Year!