Thursday, 24 May 2018

Inside Baba's Beeswax - what's in a name?

Does our whimsical family business name bring a smile to your face? Next week on May 31st we’re marking our 27th year of inspiring customers such as you with our pysanky supplies, kits, workshops and books. Our name originated with memories of Baba, on whose knee and child’s hand in hers we learned the magic of pysanky, and the word beeswax because of its significance to the technique of making Ukrainian eggs. We’re proud of our prairie origins and solid Canadian roots.

At that time in 1991 we considered other less colourful names such as Ukrainian Egg Emporium, Pysanka Treasures, Timeless Pysanky, Eggs ‘n’ Dyes, Dyes ‘n’ Eggs, Pysanka Collections, Timeless Treasures, and Pysanka Art Creations. We think we made the right choice with Baba’s Beeswax.

Baba's Beeswax celebrating 27 years since 1991
since 1991
Along with reminiscing, it’s also a good time to reinforce our promises. We’re proud to have continually fulfilled our vision: to inspire and encourage beginners, experts, and anyone interested in Ukrainian egg decorating to discover the magic of one of the great traditions of all time—PYSANKY! and our mission: from pysanky supplies and kits to workshops and books, we have everything you need to make beautiful pysanky the traditional way because learning pysanky is easy, fun and affordable.

Find out for yourself. Follow the buzzz and let us know what you think of our name—how you remember it—and what inspires you. We’d love to hear from you via comments on this blog post or a Like on Facebook @BabasBeeswax