Saturday, 27 August 2011

Keeping the Spirit of Pysanky Alive

This year, 2011, marks the 20th anniversary of Baba's Beeswax and the 120th anniversary of Ukrainian immigration to Canada, both of which are dear to my heart.  Our community celebrations started at the European Festival in May, continued throughout the summer at the Canada Day Festival followed by the Ukraine Pavilion at Fusion Festival in July, and this month at the Arts Alive Festival.  These outdoor venues with their traditional performances, activities, street vendors, music and food married with people of all ages and terrific weather to make for fun family celebrating.  We plan to party for a few more months this year and will keep posting our photos and comments to keep the spirit of pysanky alive in 2011.  While surfing, be sure to check out more photos on our website link "In The Community".

Have a great day!


  1. What kind of egg is on the bottom picture with the Royal Mounted Police? Its BIG and beautiful! I have yet to tackle a big egg. I am as excited as I am scared of it.

  2. My friend, Marcia Moroz, made this giant, shiny, surrealistic, tongue-in-cheek expression of the pysanka. She told me it was challenging to construct the shape and form, and took her three years to complete. She vows never to tell anyone how she made it, simply saying "it is a dinosaur egg . . . perhaps from Alberta".

    The giant pysanka has been a great ambassador for Ukrainian culture and Marcia has showcased it at festivals and other events. Showing even more of her sense of humor, she added that "the egg seems to have a life of its own . . . more fun than mine and I sure wish I was the one being held by those cute cops!"

    The biggest "authentic pysanky" are those made from ostrich eggs.