Monday, 3 September 2018

Christmas Shopping for Kids and Teachers: My First Pysanka - Symbols my Baba taught me

Are you an early-bird Christmas shopper? If so, be the first to grab this newly-published book for the cherished children or grandchildren in your life. And don’t forget a token of appreciation for teachers, as this book is for them too! From toddlers to teachers—this book engages in the wonder of pysanky and their symbols.

Check out this link to our Pysanka Power Video Clip published on our Baba's Beeswax YouTube Channel for a book preview that flips through the pages:

[ click here to go to our Pysanka Power Video Clip on YouTube ]

The author, our very own Joan Brander, has created more than just another colouring page. Her first of-its-kind book demystifies the symbolism of pysanky with a rich array of over 70 large-format drawings (hand drawn with no stock photos used), symbols grouped into easy to understand categories, simple and uncomplicated drawings, and pages that can be mounted as teaching aids in classrooms. This book was created to complement other resources used by educators.

Kids are fascinated with pysanky and the symbols they can write on a fragile egg. Pysanky images in other children’s books are too complicated. Joan has used simple designs to balance the motor skills of children, especially if they enjoy the technique of pysanky. This book rocks it.

How about adding a box of crayons? Do you think that beeswax crayons are the bee’s knees? Like the ones here (they also have a recipe to make your own!).

We think that My First Pysanka - Symbols my Baba taught me is an eggs-cellent and unique resource to buy for a gift or add to your own collection. If you have any questions about it, please ask us.

Children’s Book previewed on Pysanka Power Video Clips
Children’s Book previewed on Pysanka Power Video Clips

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