Tuesday, 9 October 2018

Add this to your Holiday Gift List: Ukrainian Easter Egg Design Book Five

This lovely commemorative book marks 60 years of Ukrainian Gift Shop 1947 – 2007 in 184 pages. In keeping with such a milestone it is printed in hard cover. It has a section about the history and biographies of members of Ukrainian Gift Shop and its treasured employees who have had a hand in its success.

The book is in full colour and features two goose pysanky, one ostrich egg pysanka, and 2twotrypillian pysanky along with a variety of traditional designs. Chapter Six shows photos of pysanky of Taras Horodetskyi. We, too, have a treasured collection of these exquisite creations of Taras Horodtetskyi in our gallery—chicken, goose and ostrich eggs! Anyone interested in seeing them? We could do a future blog post with photos of our collection and a story behind their acquisition.

We think thus book is an eggs-cellent source of information to buy on its own or to add to your collection. If you have any questions about it, please ask us.

Design Book previewed on Pysanka Power Video Clips
Design Book previewed on Pysanka Power Video Clips
We were proud and honoured to feature this book in About the Pysanka : It Is Written! A Bibliography by Joan Brander (Joan Brander. Richmond, BC: Baba's Beeswax, 2007. ISBN 9781897253144).

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