Friday, 8 February 2013

Sharing Stories

I love pysanky! And would love to hear your stories.

Pysanka by Paul shared a photo of his gorgeous pysanky:

Pysanka by Paul, Edmonton, AB
Tammy shared this with me:
Here are some pics of our projects. We really enjoy pysanky. I am going to take my supplies into my sons grade three class just before Easter so they can try it.

I love the simplicity of the designs, and seeing them brings heart-warming thoughts knowing that they were made by the hands of children. The colors are so vibrant! What a lovely tradition to share with family and friends.

Lou shared this story with me:

I have a soon to be 9-year old making strides in making Pysanky.  I think he does pretty well, considering he first tried his hand 2-years ago and can only work on them when with me.  His soon to be 6-year old brother has announced he will make eggs when he turns 7.  We will see.  He is not the same temperament as his brother. 

I thought this was such an adorable story.  That single word—“announced”—evoked such a cheerful image and brought a smile to my face!  How wonderful to have 2 boys to share this tradition with.  And WOW!  Look at these designs he made one and two years ago!

Here's an email I received from James:
My wife and I made our very first pysanky last year - it was awesome and we cant wait to do it again.  Here's a photo of our first effort.


These are gorgeous!  The colors are so bright.  I hope there'll be more coming.

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